Week 5 Update

It’s been another busy week for the TorqueNadoes as we come closer to the end of the build season. The Media team fixed our trifold and designed planets and the Millenium Falcon for our Chairman’s animation. The Chairman’s team has been working on the animation,  the video, and made zip tie crowns with the spirit team. The Spirit team made more buttons, worked on pieces of the mascot, and made more zip tie crowns. The Development team got our scouting app done. The Climber team finalized and mounted their climber onto the chassis. The Intake team finished fabrication of the polycarbonate arms, pinpointed and began installation of the pneumatic piston, and continued working on the primary and secondary shafts. The Lower Chassis team worked on the bumpers for our robot. Our Digital Media team posted the Week 3 video and began working on the Week 4 video.  The Programming team worked on getting limelight to work.