Week 4 Update!

During the fourth week of our build season, the team made excellent progress; our subteams worked on many different projects. The Development team changed the background for our website and uploaded our new blog. The Media team made a new design for our car stickers and made a new avatar for this year’s game at competition as well as our team’s profile on the blue alliance. The media team also made new covers for the build team’s engineering notebook and technical binder, which the System Engineering team has started. Spirit has been working on fixing our mascot and making miniature flags. Our Chairman’s team has finished the presentation and essay, and the Intake team made a working prototype that they tested. Programmers worked on fixing the coding, limelight, and programmed a sensor for the intake system, while the Electrical team set up pneumatics, wired up an ultrasonic sensor (a sensor that uses echolocation to estimate distances), and started on a control panel spinner. Our CAD lead improved the 3D printer build plate and worked towards developing a better understanding of how the 3D printer works, whereas the other CAD members worked on creating CAD designs for the intake system and the lift system including its hook. The storage team has been attaching their conveyor belt system to the lower chassis, and they recut the shaft to the proper size. The climber team got the sides of the climber done and put ropes onto the pulleys for the drawer sliders that will extend to allow the robot to climb. Our team also announced who the members of our drive team will be for this year!