Double Trouble! – Week 6 and Competition Week 0

During our last week of build season and Week 0, our team managed to finish with the robot and we are just about competition ready! The Media team made more assets for the animation, a match poster for our competitions, and a side panel design as a backup plan. The Digital Media team finished the Week 4 video and the Week 5 video and got them posted! Our Build team got the robot completely assembled and we are now ready for our drive team to become familiar with controlling the robot. The Electrical team made new mecanum wheels using wheel bases that our CAD team made and the rollers made by one of our students using our lathe. CAD team have been CADing the different parts of our robot in order to make a working CAD/digital model of it. Spirit team has been making buttons, flags, and they finished our mascot! The programmers finished the code for our robot, and they were finally able to test the robot to work out a few kinks with the code. If nothing goes wrong and no one decides to test if gravity works again, their code is done. While at the Week 0 event, the intake system for our robot was broken, so since then the build team has been working very hard on making the system better in order to prevent another break. School was cancelled on Wednesday and Thursday so we were not able to meet on Wednesday, but we were able to meet on Thursday. The robot is finally fixed and working in order to be ready for our competition this Friday and Saturday.