Build season has begun!

Hello everyone! 

The first week of build season was absolutely amazing for the business side of our team. We are ahead of schedule with our projects and everything is going very well. We have made the design for a new trailer wrap, a new logo, a new shirt for this year, a new design for our website, and more. The students this year have been doing a wonderful job, creating amazing things, and completing their tasks on time or even early. Our spirit team is going to update our mascot this year to make it easier to wear and give it a fresh new look. The Torquenados have gone through some major changes this year, such as we have a new coach and new mentors. Due to the generosity of the Class of ‘67, we were able to purchase three new laptops, and with the hard work from our bottle return fundraiser, we were able to purchase a state of the art camera for our digital media team.

The second week of build season went very well, the build team made two prototypes for two different designs for the climber. One prototype was a scissor lift but it took a lot of power to actually lift the weights, the other prototype was using drawer sliders and was just part of the elevator system from last year. If you would like to see the prototypes they were in our Week 2 video on YouTube. The build team made a lot of progress with their different prototypes and it helped them choose the final design for the robot.  We lost 5 hours of build time this week because the school was closed due to snow on Saturday, but we made up for it with hard work during week three!

Week 3 of build season was again shortened as the whole team was not able to meet on Monday due to the school being closed for Martin Luther King Jr Day. The business team could not meet on Thursday because of our parent-teacher conferences, but the build team was still able to meet. Our website now has a new banner made by one of our media students the banner is themed for this year’s game. The build team made a new prototype for the climber so that it would be shorter but reach the same height as before. The build team also made a working prototype of their intake system and has been working on a battery mount on the chassis.