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Who We Are

The Torque-Nados are a team of dedicated students from Trenton High School in Trenton, MI who make an impact in their community with the support of their teachers and mentors.

Why Sponsor Us

to build a robot every year costs approximately $4000 every year and with very limited funding from the trenton school district we need every dollar we can get. investing in STEM Programs is great for not only our program but also the future of our society considering almost 90% of the members of our team go to upper education and jobs specialising in stem fields.

We Are More Than Just A Robot

Our team helps our community as well through varius service service projects such as creating new FLL Teams, helping new FIRST Teams, Assisting the Elderly with their new technology, Furthering the knowledge of robotics by demonstrating our robot at the TEF Tailgate, Middle and Elementary Schools, and City Hall.

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Smellie Family Foundation
Trenton Forging
Royal Arc
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Anchor Labs
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